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Laboratory of Biomedical Physics


    Research, development and implementation of cutting-edge biophysical, optical and nano technologies for cancer diagnostics and therapy


    Development and improvement of optical methods and nanotechnologies for early diagnostics and combined treatment of cancer

  • Biomedical physics laboratory has experience and facilities for synthesis and surface modification of nanoparticles, characterization of nanoparticle size, stability, optical properties, investigation of nanoparticle interaction with biomolecules, accumulation of particles in cells and experimental animals, development and application of optical methods for cancer diagnostics and therapy.

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  • "The early detection of cancer enables to fight (treat) this disease better. The better understanding of cancer helps to overcome it easier"

  • RotomskisHeaded by Professor habilitatus Dr. Ričardas Rotomskis,
    Tel.: +370 5 219 0908;
    Fax: +370 5 272 0164;

  • ▶ Facilities for nanoparticle synthesis and modification
    ▶ Optical steady state absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy
    ▶ Time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
    ▶ Ultra short pulse duration (fs) laser systems for two photon absorption, excitation and imaging experiments
    ▶ Particle size and stability (zeta-potential) measurements using dynamic light scattering
    ▶ Scanning probe microscopy (AFM, STM, FMM, F-d curves, etc.)
    ▶ Laser scanning confocal fluorescence microscopy with spectral and fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM)
    ▶ In vivo confocal reflection microscopy of skin for detection of skin cancer
    ▶ Small animal fluorescence imaging system
    ▶ 2D Cell cultures
    ▶ Facilities for experimental animals (mice, rats) care
    ▶ Experimental mouse tumor models (mice, rats)

  • ▶ Steady state and ultrafast spectroscopy of bioactive molecules, nanoparticles and photosensitizers
    ▶ Synthesis modification and characterisation of nanoparticles
    ▶ Optical biopsy and imaging of cancerous and damaged tissues and cells
    ▶ Investigation of nanoparticle accumulation, distribution and toxicity in cells and experimental animals
    ▶ Investigation of light interaction with biological objects, cells and tissue
    ▶ Application of early cancer diagnostics and therapy in vivo


  • ▶ Prof. habil. Dr. Ricardas Rotomskis; Head of Laboratory
    ▶ PhD. Vitalijus Karabanovas; Head of OAC, senior research fellow
    ▶ PhD. Vytautas Kulvietis; Research fellow
    ▶ PhD. Jonas Venius; Junior research fellow
    ▶ PhD. Vytautas Kaseta; Postdoc
    ▶ Simona Steponkiene; PhD student , junior research fellow
    ▶ Marija Matulionyte; PhD student, junior research fellow
    ▶ Romualdas Rudys; PhD student , junior research fellow
    ▶ Vilius Poderys; Junior research fellow