Virtual Annual Interdisciplinary Localized and Advanced Prostate Cancer Conference

   Vas. 21, 2022

EBU training 21–24 February 2022

Theme and aims

Oncourology Department of the National Cancer Institute (Lithuania) – the EBU-EAU certified host centre for Prostate cancer – has prepared online cycles to review diagnosis and treatment issue of localized and advanced (oligometastatic and metastatic) prostate cancer. During the virtual conference, lectures and workshops will be organized by doctors urologists, radiologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologist and researchers.

Virtual EBU training duration is 2 + 2 days. Guests can choose a cycle of their preference (1st and 2nd or 3rd-4th days) or participate in both cycles.

The lectures will be broadcasted live. MDT meetings will be held every day to discuss the treatment plans for patients with localized and advanced prostate cancer. They will take place virtually but in real time - all participants will be able to ask questions, participate in the discussion and take part in decision making for the best treatment option of the patient.

The 1st and 2nd training days are dedicated to discuss the standards of diagnosis and treatment of localized prostate cancer. Techniques of TRUS, histoscanning, transperineal and US/MRI guided prostate biopsies will be presented. There will be discussions about prostate imaging, new robotic systems for prostate cancer treatment, external beam radiotherapy, LDR and HDR.

The diagnosis and treatment options of locally advanced non-metastatic and metastatic prostate cancer will be reviewed on the 3rd and 4th days of virtual EBU training. Lectures will present the diagnostic standards of advanced prostate cancer and systemic treatment for metastatic prostate cancer, more precisely: antiandrogen therapy (incl. new hormonal agents), chemotherapy and treatment of bone metastases with Radium 223. Detection of DNA mutations in prostate cancer, steretotactic therapy and treatment options of metastatic castration-sensitive and castration-resistant prostate cancer will be reviewed. We have asked every presenter to prepare few questions related to their presentations. In order to receive a certificate of attendance all participants will need to pass an online test which consists of these questions.



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