About us

National Cancer Institute is the only specialised oncology institution in Lithuania. The Institute acts as the clinical cancer centre, certified and accredited by the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes.
  • In order to achieve our strategic objectives, we cooperate with colleagues both in Lithuania and in the European research area. The diverse international level researches, related to nano-technologies, molecular biology, genetics and the most advanced immunotherapy are performed in the National Cancer Institute.
  • The main challenge of modern oncology is implementation of foundations of individualised precision medicine. This modern approach includes the early and accurate cancer diagnosis, appropriate treatment strategy selection, active prevention and monitoring programs, palliative medicine.
  • We have a multidimensional clinic, the foundations of which are divisions of various cancer localizations - breast, lung, gastrointestinal, gynecological and urological, head and neck divisions. The effective treatment using modern technologies is applied in these divisions.
National Cancer Institute is celebrating its 85th anniversary!
According to initiative of Head of the Department of General and Experimental Pathology of Vilnius University Professor Kazimierz Pelchar the Oncology Hospital and Institute started functioning in Vilnius, Lithuania together with the first oncology centres in Europe on 1st December 1931. Also, scientific works were performed there, already at that time biological cancer formation problems were deeply analysed.
“Results of treatment of the patients with oncological diseases depend not only on the scientific achievements, the latest technologies, but also on the specialists working in the clinic. It is estimated that during the 85-year period, already the third generation of oncologists has worked at the Institute. The practice of transferring valuable scientific and clinical experience from one generation to the next generation is continuous in the pedagogical activities of the Institute.” - Minister of Health Prof. Aurelijus Veryga

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