Laboratory of Immunology

Immunology research news, future?

Scientific progress in the area of immunology and immunotherapy provides more and more opportunities to use the knowledge for treatment of cancer. We have worked for many years in this area, and we are the only group of cancer immunology scientists in Lithuania having the best qualified specialists. We become more relevant to cancer patients and the doctors that treat them.

Research areas:

  • Cancer Immunology:
    • Immunomonitoring of cancer patients.
    • Determination of immune biomarkers and prediction of anti-cancer treatment effectiveness.
    • Researches of immunogenicity and resistance of the tumor microenvironment.
  • Cancer immunotherapy:
    • Research of anti-cancer immunotherapy possibilities.
    • Researches of prognostic and predictive molecular markers with immunotherapy autologous dendritic cell vaccines.
  • Cell technologies:
    • Researches of increasing of the efficiency of dendritic cell vaccines.
    • Development and researches of anticancer vaccines.

Main projects:

  1. Immunomodulating properties of bacteriophage-derived dsRNA of different size and their use as vaccine adjuvants (2016-2018, Head V. Pašukonienė).
  2. We participate in the project “New prodrug activation systems for cancer genotherapies” of the national program “Healthy Aging” as partners.. (2015-2018, Head J. Urbonavičius, Vilnius University).
  3. Advanced therapies medical preparations, modulating the immune system, for treatment of cancer. (2017 -2019, Head V. Pašukonienė).
  4. Research of anti-cancer effectiveness of dendritic cells differentiated in vitro and matured using tumor destruction products in vivo in the models of experimental animals. (2017 -2021, Head V. Pašukonienė).


Selected publications:
  1. Kraśko, J. A., Žilionytė, K., Darinskas, A., Strioga, M., Rjabceva, S., Zalutsky, I., Derevyanko, M., Kulchitsky, V., Lubitz, W., Kudela, P., Miseikyte-Kaubriene, E., Karaman, O., Didenko, H., Potebnya, H., Chekhun, V. Pašukonienė. "Bacterial ghosts as adjuvants in syngeneic tumour cell lysate-based anticancer vaccination in a murine lung carcinoma model." Oncology Reports 37.1 (2016): 171-78.
  2. N.T. Dobrovolskienė, S. Cicėnas, N. Kazlauskaitė, E. Mišeikytė-Kaubrienė, J.A. Krasko, V. Ostapenko, V. Pašukonienė, M.M. Strioga. “CD8(high)CD57(+) T-cell population as an independent predictor of response to chemoradiation therapy in extensive-stage small cell lung cancer.” Lung Cancer 90.2(2015) 326-333.
  3. Strioga, Marius M., Adas Darinskas, Vita Pasukoniene, Agata Mlynska, Valerijus Ostapenko, and Virgil Schijns. "Xenogeneic therapeutic cancer vaccines as breakers of immune tolerance for clinical application: To use or not to use?" Vaccine 32.32 (2014): 4015-024.

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