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Structure and Management

Restructuring of the National Cancer Institute (Institute, NCI) was prepared and implemented in 2016, management of the Institute was simplified, the nursing administration system was reorganized, the Cancer Registry has been restored, and the Genetic Diagnostics Unit and laboratories of Cancer Epidemiology and Clinical Oncology were established. We are aiming for licensing of activities of National Cancer Institute Biobank, it will give an opportunity to use patients' biological material not only for scientific research carried out by the Institute, but also for performing of joint research with Lithuanian and foreign scientists and researchers.

What are the priorities of the NCI Clinic?

Modern therapies focusing on low invasive surgical interventions, innovative anticancer medicines, implementing modern radiotherapy techniques. The purpose of our work is the better quality of life of the patient.

What is important for oncology science today? 

It is most important to transfer scientific knowledge and achievements to the clinic as quickly as possible and to hear the main problems of clinicians. Researches in laboratory, especially in NCI, should be performed thinking about the patients. 

Deputy Director
for Research and Development
Prof. Sonata Jarmalaitė, Ph.D.

Our employees

  • Scientists - 55
  • Doctors - 179
  • Nursing specialists - 331
  • Other medical staff - 180
  • Other staff - 178

Total - 925

Updated 2021-07-13 09:01