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What is the area of treatment of oncological diseases in which breakthrough might happen?

It is believed that regardless of etiology and localization of tumors, specific tumor cells, having stem cell properties, which are able to recreate tumor formations, destroyed during treatment, may cause resistance to medical treatment and radiotherapy. So breakthrough is the most welcome in the area of developing of the methods and measures of detection and destruction of such cancerous stem cells using nanotechnological, genomic, proteomic, cellular and molecular therapies solutions.

Main objectives of OAC

  • Provision of services while implementing scientific researches in the areas of biomedical physics, optic biopsy, nanomedicine, participation in Lithuanian and international scientific research programs.
  • Ordered scientific researches

  • Inter-institutional and scientific business cooperation.

  • Upgrading of infrastructure and development of human resources.

Main projects

  1. Synthesis, modification and characterization of nanoparticles dedicated to oncology problems, using colloid chemistry synthesis methodologies and methods of atomic force microscopy and dynamic spread.

  2. Researches of photosensitization and photothermal properties of nanoparticles, while improving efficiency of photodynamic therapy of different localization tumors.

  3. Improvement of optical, MRI and CT methods, while applying the latest nanotechnology solutions.

  4. Creation of selective nanoplatforms, which transport medicines and researches of their accumulation, intracellular transport and effects on tumor cells in vitro.

  5. Researches of accumulation of nanostructures, pharmacokinetics, cytotoxicity and embryotoxicity, using experimental animals.


“We believe in progress of science” - The employees of NCI celebrated the World Cancer Day with this slogan taking part in the international campaign “TALKING HANDS”.



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