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Where is data of NCI cancer registry published?
Annual registry reports on cancer incidence „Cancer in Lithuania“ (in Lithuanian language) have been published since 1994. The Registry data since the period 1988-1992 have been included in „Cancer Incidence in Five Continents“. The registry is also involved in cancer epidemiology research, and has participated in main epidemiological and international comparison studies (EUNICE, EUROCARE, CONCORD, and ICCC).

The Cancer Registry is a population registry, the purpose of which is to ensure registration of malignant tumors throughout Lithuania.
Since 1978 information about cancer cases in Lithuania has been accumulated in the Cancer Registry database, and in recent years more than 17 000 new cases of cancer have been reported annually. The Cancer Registry data are published in the informative publication “Cancer in Lithuania” (“Vėžys Lietuvoje”) from 1994 (the title “The Main Results of Oncological Care in Lithuania” was used until 2006).

The Cancer Registry is the member of International Association of Cancer Registries and European Network of Cancer registries.

How do data come to the Cancer Registry?

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