Laboratory of Cancer Epidemiology

What is the role of cancer epidemiology in developing of health policy?

Cancer is an age-related disease - the incidence of most cancers increases with age, rising more rapidly beginning in midlife. As part of the epidemiological transition, cancer incidence is expected to increase in the future, further straining limited health care resources. Descriptive cancer epidemiology holds an important role in influencing policy and research initiatives, from both health systems and scientific perspectives. Appropriate allocation of resources for cancer prevention, early diagnosis, and curative and palliative care requires detailed knowledge of the local burden of cancer.

Research areas:

  • Descriptive studies based on Lithuanian Cancer Registry data (analysis of cancer incidence, mortality, survival);
  • Research to identify occupational, environmental, and other factors affecting cancer risk, characterize exposure-response relationships, identify susceptible populations;
  • Prevention and screening-based research (analysis of different aspects of screening interventions).

Main projects:

  1. Surveillance of mammographic screening and prostate cancer early detection programmes (2016-2020, Principal investigator: G. Smailytė).
  2. Impact of participation in screening programme on the risk of death from cervical cancer in Lithuania (2017-2019, Principal investigator: Rūta Everatt).
  3. Site-specific cancer risk and mortality risk in the cohort of Chernobyl cleanup workers (2017-2020, Principal investigator: G. Smailytė).

Selected publications:

  1. Kaceniene A, Krilaviciute A, Matuiziene J, Bulotiene G, Smailyte G. Increasing suicide risk among cancer patients in Lithuania from 1993 to 2012: a cancer registry-based study. European Journal of Cancer Prevention. (2017).
  2. Smailyte, G., Jasilionis, D., Vincerzevskiene, I., Shkolnikov, VM. “Education, survival, and avoidable deaths in Lithuanian cancer patients”, 2001-2009, Acta Oncologica 55.7 (2016): 859-64. 

  3. Gondos, A., Krilaviciute, A., Smailyte, G., Ulys, A. and Brenner, H. “Cancer surveillance using registry data: Results and recommendations for the Lithuanian national prostate cancer early detection programme.” European Journal of Cancer 51.12 (2015): 1630-637.


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