Laboratory of Clinical Oncology

How do you participate in the implementation of the “from bench to bed” principle?

As a link between basic and clinical science, Clinical Oncology laboratory aims to accelerate our ability to translate findings made in basic research into real applications at patient‘s bedside.

Staff of Laboratory includes representatives from different clinical departments and their task is to collaborate with scientists in order to improve Cancer diagnostics, treatment and Cancer care services. Works are going towards research and investigation of biomarkers in different cancer sites, different radiation treatment/fractionation modalities, combined treatment (surgery/radiation/medical oncology) variations, effects of treatment response evaluated by MRI, CT and SPECT-CT scanners, tumor/cells radiosensitivity investigation, possible implication of immunotherapy and other methods in order to apply personalised treatment strategy to each patient.

Main projects:

  • Perspective observation cohortive clinical trial to define resectal length in colon Cancer (2016-2018, Head PI-A. Dulskas).
  • Molecular tools for long term prostate cancer follow-up and treatment individualisation (2016-2018, Head PI- F. Jankevicius).
  • Analysis of non -small cell lung cancer immune microenvironment and its prognostic and predictive value (2016-2020, Head PI-S.Cicenas).
  • Perspective analysis of malignant gliomas multiparametric MRI biomarkers and response to the treatment (2014-2019, Head PI-E.Aleknavicius).

Selected publications:

  1. Dulskas, Audrius, and Narimantas E. Samalavicius. "A prospective study of sexual and urinary function before and after total mesorectal excision." International Journal of Colorectal Disease 31.6 (2016): 1125-130.
  2. Everatt, R., I. Kuzmickiene, E. Davidaviciene, and S. Cicenas. "Incidence of lung cancer among patients with tuberculosis: a nationwide cohort study in Lithuania." The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 20.6 (2016): 757-63.

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