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Scientific activities

The patient-oriented international level scientific research works are performed at the Institute with help of biotechnology, nanomedicine, genomics, proteomics and other modern technologies in order to achieve the most important  goal - to reduce oncological morbidity, mortality from oncological diseases, and increase the life expectancy of patients, improve their quality of life.

The main areas of scientific activity are cancer prevention, based on epidemiological, experimental and laboratory studies, improvement of tumor diagnostic methods, search and implementation of new treatment measures and methods.

Scientific activeness of NCI, 2018

  • Doctoral theses 2
  • Articles in WoS publications 53
  • Articles in international peerreviewed publications 3
  • Articles in LT peer reviewed publications included in international databases 4
  • Other articles 37

39 scientific projects

  • 15 completed projects
  • 24 projects continue


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