What is common in oncology and physics?

Physical energy processes take place in cancer cells, and they are made up of levers, discs, electrical particles, pumps, membranes and other electrical and molecular devices, described in physics. So, without a doubt, help of physicists is necessary in order to fight with cancer illnesses successfully, to diagnose cancer timely and accurately, and to treat it effectively without harm to the entire human organism.

Research areas

  • Steady state and time resolved spectroscopy of biologically active molecules, photodrugs, sensitizers, gold-nanoclusters and nanoparticles in aqueous solution, healthy and cancerous cells and experimental animals.
  • Pharmacokinetics, accumulation and distribution of sensitizers, photodrugs, nanoparticles in 2D and 3D structures of healthy, cancerous and stem cells, healthy and cancerous tissues by confocal microscopy, spectroscopy and flow cytometry.
  • The primary photophysical, photochemical processes, and nanotoxicity of biologically active molecules, anticancer drugs, sensitizers biomarkers, nanoparticles and nanoplatforms in vitro and in vivo.
  • Developing of the new multifunctional diagnostics methods and therapy of cancer by implementing nanotechnological solutions - toward theranostics.

Updated 2019-06-10 11:09