Biomedical physics laboratory has all the necessary equipment for characterization of nanoparticles photophysical and physicochemical properties. Furthermore, our laboratory is fully equiped with bio-imaging devices and tools for in vitro and in vivo experimentation.
  • Absorbsion, Steady State and Time Resolved Fluorescence Spectrometers
  • Zeta Potential and Hydrodynamic Size Analyzer
  • Nanoparticles Synthesis System
  • Equipment for Cell Cultivation and Manipulations
  • Flow Cytometer
  • Nanotoxicity Evaluation Equipment
  • Modular Confocal Laser Microscope System
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • Optical Biopsy System with Monitoring Complex for Experimental Animals
  • In vivo Confocal Imaging Tool

Updated 2023-02-08 08:59