Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Department


Department specializes in multimodality imaging of cancer and treating solid tumors using radiological imaging and microinvasion procedures. Radiologists are involved in the treatment decisions and diagnosis at breast and prostate cancer excellence centers and are leaders in tumor ablation techniques. We share our know-how with radiologist, Vilnius University students and residents and Vilnius college, University of applied sciences nurses and radiation technologist.  


Doctors  30       Nurses   13       Radiology technologists  16

Total - 48


Main projects:


Horizon 2020 project ProCancer I: An AI Platform integrating imaging data and models, supporting precision care through prostate cancers continuum

Imaging equipment:

Ultrasound (US) equipment 7
Mammographs 3
MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) 1
X-ray machines 4
Angiography equipment 1
CT (computed tomography) 1

Imaging procedures per 2020 year

US - 45978
X-ray and diagnostic mamography - 22793;
CT - 10173;
MRI studies - 3033;
Interventional procedures - 3483
Breast biopsies - 946;
PORT implantation -140;
Solid tumor abliation - 56;
Mamography screening - 3671

  • Total: 84711


Updated 2023-01-13 13:51