Radiology Department

How did digital technologies change your profession?

When the digital technologies were involved in radiologists work three were the main features that have affected clinical practice: easy access to images (also to prior image, that is very important, especially in oncology), new capacity to show the images to clinicians over the Internet, and the 3D tool that has made it possible to interpret and show large image materials in volumes instead of as separate images. Previously, radiologists worked more as individuals in the health care organization; they were not as involved as they are today in the treatment decision of patients.


Doctors  22       Nurses   6       Radiology technologists  15

Total - 48

Main projects:
Assessment of brain tumors prognostic factors and early response to treatment by imaging biomarkers (2014–2019, Head E. Aleknavičius).

Imaging equipment:

  • Echoscopes 10
  • Mammographs 3
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging tomograph) 1
  • 3D echographs 1
  • X-ray machines 5
  • CT (computed tomography scanner) 1

Image tests

  • mammography - 23051;
  • chest x-ray -11423;
  • computed tomography tests - 11757;
  • MRI studies - 1952;
  • computed tomography tests - 2138;
  • breast ultrasound examination - 2138;

Total: 60583


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