Why does NCI need biobank?

Biobank consists of libraries of new generation, in which biomedical samples and health information of patients that were treated in NCI, are collected, stored and processed. We will accumulate large, well-classified collections of biological samples and health information of oncological patients, and researchers of the new generation will be able to use them, to search, find and receive information, intended for them for performing of high-level scientific researches.

Research areas

  • Creation, mastering and transfer for clinical practice of new freezing technologies (cryobiology researches, cell and tissue freezing technologies).
  • The search for molecular and genetic cancer markers (gene polymorphisms, gene expression tests in tumors of various localities), researches of carcinogenesis signalling paths.

  1. Significance of polymorphism of oncogenetic human papillomaviruses types and some genes, causing tumor process in carcinogenesis (2014-2018, Head Ž. Gudlevičienė).
  2. Significance of polymorphism of oncogenic types of human papillomaviruses and genes, influencing some tumor processes to efficiency of oncological patient therapy (2013–2017, Heads Ž. Gudlevičienė, A. Stumbrytė).
  3. Reducing of the gap between Europe and Africa in the area of bio-banking and biomedical researches (2015–2018, Head Ž. Gudlevičienė).


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