Biobank consists of new generation libraries, in which biomedical samples and clinical information of oncological patients, that were treated at National Cancer Institute (NCI), are collected, stored, and processed according to standardized procedures. Biobank’s mission is to support international cooperation for cancer research by providing the tools for high-level scientific research, performing educational and practical activities for the assimilation of new technologies and increasing the competence of scientists.

Biobank’s mission is carried out in accordance with the NCI information system regulations and data security regulations, NCI quality policy, Biobank procedures and standard operating procedures approved by the NCI director.

Clinical information stored at NCI Biobank is confidential and processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the law. Confidentiality is ensured by all natural or legal entities that use this clinical information, as well as entities specified in the Biomedical Research Ethics Law.

Currently, the Biobank stores more than 10,000 oncological patients’ and control samples. Tumor samples of various localizations (prostate gland, kidney, lung, breast, uterine body, rectum, etc.) are processed and blood, urine and their components, residual tumor and healthy tissue samples are prepared. Biological samples and clinical information are stored in the Biobank database, written information is stored in binders, and electronic information is stored on computer storage medium.


The Biobank of the National Cancer Institute is financed by the legally received funds of the National Cancer Institute.

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