Lithuania joined BBMRI-ERIC on 15th April 2020, and nominated the National cancer institute (NCI) as the Lithuanian National Biobank Node (; LBN). LBN is the umbrella organisation of biobanks in Lithuania that represents the interests of Lithuanian biobanks within BBMRI-ERIC network. LBN is also the primary contact point in Lithuania for all stakeholders in biobanking.

Under the leadership of National Cancer Institute (NCI), 6 institutions work together on the project “Human Biological Resource Center” to create a common visionary infrastructure, empower human resources, scientific expertise and stimulate biobaking activities in the country. LBN aims to create a harmonised, efficient and leading biobank infrastructure, an open access research platform, that boosts Lithuanian biomedical research, healthcare, and biomedical industry while fastering integration to the European Research Area.


Updated 2021-02-25 12:01