Consultative Polyclinic Department

Why is teamwork important?

Teamwork is especially important in the outpatient unit in order to provide patients with a high quality service. It is very important that quality services would be guaranteed at all levels - during registering, the consultation of the doctor or during preparation of the patient for further treatment. It is equally important that the doctors’ team would discuss treatment tactics. 


Doctors  21        Nurses   30

Total - 73 

Numbers of patients' visits

  • 2016 – 128 295
  • 2015 – 123 700
  • 2014 – 126 152 


  • Diseases of the urinary system organs: 20091
  • Breast Diseases: 29443
  • Skin and soft tissue diseases: 17053
  • Consultations of the chemotherapist: 23028
  • Other locations of diseases: 38680

Main projects:

  • Research of microsatellite instability of patients with pre-cancerous diseases and cancer of cervix and uterine body cancer (2010-2018, main researches: Dr. D. Kanopienė, Prof. Dr. (HP) Kęstutis Sužiedėlis, and Prof. Dr. (HP) Janina Didžiapetrienė).
  • Researches of expression of E3 ubiquitin ligases FBW7 and MDM2 and their substrates in patients' samples of dysplastic nevi and melanomas (2016-2020, main researcher: K. Bielskienė).
  • The NCI, as a partner, together with the coordinator VU, implements the National Health Program's “Healthy Aging” project “Research of application of human carbonic anhydrase IX as the cancer cell marker for diagnosis, imaging and forecasting of oncological diseases” (2015-2018, main researchers: Dr. Daiva Kanopienė, Dr. Jurgita Matulienė).

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