Breast Surgery and Oncology Department

What methods do you use for preservation of good-looking women's breasts after surgery?

We work in accordance with the standards; we decide in a multidisciplinary team what kind of breast preservation is best suited. Several methods are possible: standard conserving surgery, oncoplastic surgery and breast reconstruction using implants and patches. 


Doctors  5       Nurses   17

Total - 30 

1578 patients were treated in the department
1175 patients were treated for malignant tumor pathology
403 for non-malignant pathology

Surgical activity

  • mastectomy: 285
  • conserving surgery quadrenectomy: 372
  • breast-conserving surgery with biopsy of the sentinel lymph node: 303
  • nonpalpable breast tumors: 123
  • biopsy of the sentinel lymph node is performed with double or single contrast (TC 99, tissue dye): 303
  • oncoplastic surgery: 53
  • breast reconstruction using implants: 4
  • preventive prostatectomy with determined BRCA mutation of patients: 4
  • other: 115

Main projects:
Oncology patients fertility preservation program (2014–2019, Heads Ž. Gudlevičienė, V. Ostapenko, A. Ulys).

There were detailed discussions about breast cancer multidisciplinary treatment innovations, actual clinical cases and issues of optimization of high quality breast cancer care services in the conference “Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Treatment”. 


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