Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Operating-room Department

How do you assess the physical condition of patients?

Anesthesiology, intensive care and operating room department delivers quality services in anesthesia, pain management and intensive care. Department employs safe and modern equipment that undergoes maintenance in accordance with the requirements set out by legislation and manufacturers. Our staff constantly upgrades both medical knowledge and soft skills to provide finest medical services based on latest medical research and technologies.

What services we provide for our patients?

1. Preoperative anesthesia consultation before surgery. We use the physical status classification, which is proposed by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), this classification helps to standardize the assessment of the preoperative patient condition irrespective of the planned operation.

2. Modern anesthesia, perioperative care and pain management for patients undergoing abdominal, gynecological, urological, thoracic, breast, skin, head and neck cancer surgery, endoscopic intervention and interventional radiology procedures.

3. Intensive care for patients with critical conditions, including sepsis, multiple organ dysfunction and other critical conditions. 

4. Advanced organ support methods, such as mechanical lung ventilation, renal replacement therapy. 

Doctors  29       Nurses   64        Other  36

Total - 129

Activities 2019 2020
Operations 5567 4611
Anesthesias were performed 8470 7159
Patients were treated in the department 5855 5171

Work is performed in 11 modern operating-rooms of the Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Operating Room, endoscopy and angiography consulting-rooms and in operating-rooms of Oncourology, Brachytherapy Departments. 12 beds with modern monitoring system operate in the intensive care unit.

Main projects:

  • Prognostic importance of biological markers and changes of these markers depending on the applied anesthesia in case of triple-negative breast cancer (2016–2021, Heads V. Lukoševičienė R. Tikuišis, P. Miliauskas)

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