Nuclear Medicine Department

Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that uses radioactive tracers to image and treat the disease. Nuclear Medicine department is equipped with SPECT/CT scanner Symbia Intevo. The SPECT/CT scanner creates a 3D anatomical computed tomography image (CT) on which a functional or metabolic image (SPECT) is superimposed upon.

The imaging procedures include bone scan, thyroid scan, parathyroid scan, kidney dynamic scintigraphy, lung perfusion scintigraphy, somatostatin receptor scintigraphy, lymphoscintigraphy and sentinel node identification, iodine (I-131) whole body scan.

The Nuclear Medicine Department  also provides iodine (I-131) therapy to treat thyroid cancer, radium Ra-223 dichloride treatment for prostate cancer that has spread to bone, radioembolization with microspheres for the treatment of liver tumors.


Doctors  4       Nurses   6       Radiology Technologists  5

Other - 6

Diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures

Procedures  2019 2020

Treatment of bone metastases with radium
dichloride (Ra-223)

80 64
Thyroid cancer treatment using radioactive iodine I-131 514 370
Post-therapy I-131 whole-body scan 562 444
Bone scintigraphy 3550 4554
Lymphoscintigraphy 642 698
Other 301 162

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