Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department

What is oncological rehabilitation?

A person is not only a collection of arms, feet, tissues, bones or organs; he is more than entirety of organs. The human has emotions, social and family life. It does not matter what disease a person is suffering from, it is possible to improve the quality of his life using help of various rehabilitation specialists. Rehabilitation will be effective and meaningful when it helps to solve not only physical problems of a patient, but also those that are not physically defined.


  • Doctors: 2
  • Nurses: 1
  • Physiotherapists: 5
  • Psychologists: 3
  • Psychotherapists: 1

Total: 23

Rehabilitation procedures were performed
12979 physiotherapy
9748 massage
2622 physiotherapy

Consultation according to the specialist

  • rehabilitologist: 6557
  • psychiatrist: 705
  • psychologist: 969
  • logotherapist: 369
  • social worker: 1892
  • phytotherapist: 901


Updated 2019-01-14 15:29