Medical Physics Department

What benefits the clinic receives from medical physicists?

Medical physicists are directly involved in the selection of patient's diagnostics and treatment tactics, they are involved in clinical activity during performing of complicated diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Medical physicists ensure quality of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures - they constantly provide control of quality of the equipment and optimize procedures for reducing of the amount of exposure. They perform the calculation of the prescribed dose and realization planning for each patient individually during the radiotherapy process. 


Medical physicists  10       Radiology technologists  1        Other  9

Total - 20

Radiotherapy of cancer patients is done quickly and accurately, while applying the latest technologies (CBCT, VMAT) and software (Smart Adapt, EPIQA) Using functional information, received from SPECT and PET, active tumor focuses are specified and sparing radiation therapy is performed.

Dosimetry and quality control 2019 2020
Patient's dosimetric measurements 636 468
Patient's radiotherapy plans 2977 2742
Padiotherapy equipment quality tests 4060 4257
Quality tests of nuclear medicine and X-ray machines 279 261


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