Nursing Department

What challenges have nursing professionals faced in recent years?

Nursing professional is the right hand for the doctor and the harbor of peace for the patient...

To listen, to empathize, to give advice - these are just some of the goals that nurses set for themselves in addition to their main professional tasks.

Nurses, who spend the most time next to the patient (and their relatives), have always been especially important, but today their role has become even stronger. They are independent specialists who are able to take on greater responsibility in patient health care.

The professionalism and responsibility of the nurse largely determines the success of the treatment and the preservation of health, therefore the competence of the nurse is important in practical activities, i.e. ability to perform professional tasks based on specific performance standards, practice and academic achievements.

This obliges the modern nurse to constantly improve knowledge and nursing skills.

Currently, information technologies, modern medical and nursing equipment are being introduced into nursing. Knowledge of information technologies is necessary to manage it, so modern nursing specialists are already different: they manage media tools and know how to apply them in various fields.

However, regardless of the era, the main value remains the same - helping a person: both to talk about health, and to show attention to the patient or provide serious help - nurses are needed for everything.

Patient care is provided by:

  • 256 nurses,
  • 97 nursing assistants,
  • 42 radiology technologists,
  • 11 biomedical technologists, 
  • 1 nutritionist.


Updated 2023-02-22 13:59