Nursing Department

What new challenges are nursing professionals facing in recent years?

Doctors are the brain of the clinic; nurses are the heart of the clinic. Nursing specialists must meet not only high professional requirements, constantly raising and improving their qualifications, they must meet public expectations in the context of preparation and activities of a professional nurse. During the patient's nursing, it is important to take into account his / her individual needs while leaving his / her right to self-determination, take care of him / her and to provide all possible support.

Job title

  • Senior Nursing Administrator: 17
  • Senior Radiology Technologist: 4
  • Senior biomedical technologist: 1
  • Biomedical technologist: 6
  • Clinic's technician: 12
  • Radiology technologist: 41
  • Nurse: 289
  • Nurse's assistant: 95,5
  • Nutritionist: 1

Total: 466,5


Updated 2021-07-23 09:22