Head and Neck and Skin Cancer Surgery and Oncology Department

How do you avoid aesthetic consequences after operations of removal of tumors of head and neck?

Currently, the operating technique, which saves tissues, is applied during operations of tumors head and neck. Modern methods of plastic and reconstructive surgery are used for tissue defect plastics in order to preserve and restore facial aesthetics and the function of organs. A lot of attention is paid to voice reconstruction and rehabilitation after surgery.


Doctors  11       Nurses   10        Other  7

Total - 28

902 patients were treated in the department
782 operations were performed in the department

Number of patients treated by localization 2019 2020
Laryngeal cancer 117 78
Lip, mouth cancer 54 64
Laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer 74 35
Skin cancer 282 741
Melanoma 153 173
Thyroid cancer 47 35
Other 323 112

Main projects:

  • The part of the project “Atlas of cancer tissue genome“: Research “The significance of polymorphism of types of oncogenic human papillomavirus and some genes that influence the tumor process to efficiency of therapy of oncological patients” (2014-2018, researchers doctors: A.Bunikis, I. Mackevičienė, V. Čepulis, J. Gibavičienė, L. Pocius).
  • Phase III, research of random samples comparing pembrolizumab (MK-3475) with standard treatment of patients with recurrent or metastatic head and neck cancer (researcher J. Gibavičienė). 

Event: Our team yearly participates in  The Mouth Cancer Month campaign which aims to raise awareness of mouth cancer, early detection and prevention of oral cancer. Throughout February our specialists run a walk-in clinic for cancer screening in patients with the unusual mouth changes, collaborating together with press and media spreading an information about the oral cancer, urging people to visit their heath specialist if they found any mouth changes.

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