Oncourology Department

What progress do you expect in diagnosis and treatment?

In diagnostics - molecular, genetic diagnostics, image fusion. In treatment - to increase a number of laparoscopic operations. Now they reach about 30% of all operations, but we believe that we can exceed number of laparoscopic operations up to 50% in future.


Doctors  9       Nurses   16        Other  8

Total - 35 

1567 patients were treated in the department
1125 operations were performed in the department

Surgical activity

Number of patients treated by localization 2019 2020
Radical cystectomy 411 281
Radical prostatectomy 341 480
Kidney resection 195 140
Orchiectomy 134 96
Other 674 570

Main projects:

  • “Molecular tools for individualisation of long-term monitoring and treatment of prostate cancer.” (2016–2018, Head F. Jankevičius).
  • 3D ultrasound video systems, multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging, transperineal biopsy and molecular markers research, identifying clinically significant prostate cancer (2016–2021, Head A. Vėželis).
  • A.S.I.N. - Study of actively monitored kidney tumors (2017-2026, Heads A. Ulys and A. Žalimas).
  • I.A.L.P.O.S study - immunological differences of open and laparoscopic prostate cancer surgery (2017-2020, Heads F. Jankevičius, P. Bosas).
  • Epidemiological research of genetic diversity and genotype - phenotype correlations of children and adults with tuberous sclerosis complex (2017-2027, Heads – R. Čerkauskienė, A. Ulys).
  • Analysis of efficiency of prostate cancer examination (screeening), based on PSA test (2017-2022, Heads G. Smailytė, A. Patašius).

The Lithuanian Ultrasound Association, together with the NCI and other partners, organises two events per year - the international scientific and practical conference “Ultrasound Diagnostics” and international scientific and practical
conference “Ultrasound Diagnostics Summer School: Theory and Practice”.

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