Oncourology Department

What progress do you expect in diagnosis and treatment?

In diagnostics - molecular, genetic diagnostics, image fusion. In treatment - to increase a number of laparoscopic operations. Now they reach about 30% of all operations, but we believe that we can exceed number of laparoscopic operations up to 50% in future.


Doctors  8       Nurses   18

Total - 35 

Surgical activity

  • Open surgery: 403
  • Laparoscopic surgery: 118
  • Endoscopic surgery: 659
  • Other: 136

2060 patients were treated in the department, 280 patients were treated in day care facility. 1259 patients with malignant tumors of the urogenital system and 521 patients with non-malignant tumors were among the patients, treated at hospital.

Surgical activity according to localization

  • Radical prostatectomy: 291
  • Nephrectomy: 87
  • Kidney resection: 98
  • Radical cystectomy: 34

Main projects:

  • “Molecular tools for individualisation of long-term monitoring and treatment of prostate cancer.” (2016–2018, Head F. Jankevičius).
  • 3D ultrasound video systems, multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging, transperineal biopsy and molecular markers research, identifying clinically significant prostate cancer (2016–2021, Head A. Vėželis).
  • A.S.I.N. - Study of actively monitored kidney tumors (2017-2026, Heads A. Ulys and A. Žalimas).
  • I.A.L.P.O.S study - immunological differences of open and laparoscopic prostate cancer surgery (2017-2020, Heads F. Jankevičius, P. Bosas).
  • Epidemiological research of genetic diversity and genotype - phenotype correlations of children and adults with tuberous sclerosis complex (2017-2027, Heads – R. Čerkauskienė, A. Ulys).
  • Analysis of efficiency of prostate cancer examination (screeening), based on PSA test (2017-2022, Heads G. Smailytė, A. Patašius).

The Lithuanian Ultrasound Association, together with the NCI and other partners, organises two events per year - the international scientific and practical conference “Ultrasound Diagnostics” and international scientific and practical
conference “Ultrasound Diagnostics Summer School: Theory and Practice”.

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