Department of Laboratory

The Department of Laboratory Investigations with the Blood Bank within it, is a certified clinical unit of the National  Institute of Oncology, which provides laboratory investigations 24/7 based on the principles of Good Laboratory Practice and according to the requirements of ISO 15189.

The department provides wide range of laboratory investigations – hematological, immunohematological, biochemical, peripheral blood smear microscopy, blood coagulation disorders, blood gas and reaction pH, immune and clinical urine tests.    Laboratory  uses the most advanced diagnostic equipment of well – known manufacturers for in vitro diagnostics analyzers of medical laboratorys : Sysmex ( Japan ), Roche ( Switzerland ), Diagnostica Stago ( France ), Radiometer Medical    ( Denmark ) associated with high quality, certified specifications and improves protocols based on the principles of evidence based medicine.

The Department of Laboratory Investigations performs approximately 365,000 routine laboratory investigations and nearly 1200,000 antibody screening and compatibility tests before transfusion per year. About 15,5% of all tests are generally performed urgently. Taking part in scientific research projekts about 2% laboratory investigations contributes to clinical trials.  The laboratory investigations takes place in modern organized workspaces with fully automatic analyzers, under control along the laboratory process from pre – analytics to post – analytics by high qualified medical laboratory staff – 8 certified medical biologists, 12 certified biomedical technologists and 2 advanced practice nurses. Analytical quality requirements are assessed on the basis of biological variation data and medical clinicians opinion analysis, trade associations recommendations, Authorities and external quality assessment systems. The quality management system corresponds with the international requirements according to the ISO 9001.

High accuracy and precision of performed test results ensured  by integrated in laboratory internal guality kontrol system and by participation in external quality control programs RIQAS and Labquality ( accredited according to ISO/IEC 17043 ).        


Medical biologists   16        Biomedical technologists  12        Nurses  2



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