General and Abdominal Surgery and Oncology Department

What helps to solve complex cases?

Multidisciplinary discussion, doctors' consultations, the scientific literature and conference data, personal experience.


Doctors  11       Nurses   24        Other  11

Total - 46

1325 patients were treated in the department

The main localization of operations

Number of patients treated by localization 2019 2020
gastric cancer 239 210
colon cancer 180 157
colorectal cancer 258 253
pancreatic cancer 42 37
liver cancer 30 22

Total number of performed operations was 871

Main projects:

  1. Comparison of quality of life and postoperative complications of patients with rectal cancer after liquidation of protective ileostomy after 4 or 12 weeks after rectal resection (2016 - 2018, Head E. Stratilatovas).
  2. Perspective exploratory cohort clinical research for determination of optimal resection length of the colon in case of colon cancer (T-rex study) (2016–2018, Head A. Dulskas).
  3. Search of predictive indicators and possibilities of optimization of treatment of early and muscularis propria infiltrating spread of gastric cancer in lymph nodes (2-diagnostics) ( (2016-2019, Head R. Baušys).

Event: 25th anniversary of the Lithuanian Society of Coloproctologists was marked by the international conference regarding colorectal problems. More than 100 coloproctologists from various Lithuanian health care institutions participated in the event, lecturers from different continents of the world - North and Latin America, Asia, Europe read the reports.  Cooperation between Lithuania and Korea was highlighted at the conference.

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