Brachytherapy Department

What is the perspective of brachytherapy?

Perspectives of brachytherapy are related with team work (radiologists, urologists, nuclear medicine specialists and others) in order to improve treatment results and better outcome, giving the patients better quality of live and hope.


Doctors  5       Nurses   7        Other  11

Total - 23

425 patients were treated in the department
396 were performed brachytherapy, in other cases therapeutic or radiotherapeutic treatment

Patients, treated according to localization 2019 2020
Cervix uteri 143 260
Corporis uteri 69 50
Prostate 42 69
Other 95 18

Main project:

  • Medium risk prostate cancer High Dose Rate brachytherapy as monotherapy and combined treatment efficacy and safety comparison: a randomised prospective study (2017-2021, Head Ernestas Janulionis).


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