Thoracic Surgery and Oncology Department

What genetic tests are performed for the department patients?

Researches of EGFR the most common gene mutations are performed for all patients with adenocarcinoma. If it is possible to apply biological therapy, the research of EML4-ALK most common fusion transcripts is performed. There is a possibility to examine all palette of cancer of lungs and the large intestine in the Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory.


Doctors  6        Nurses   11        Other  5

Total - 22

997 patients were treated in the department
464 operations were performed in the department

Operational activity

Number of patients treated by localization 2019 2020
Lung 958 762
Operations of esophagus 75 55
Lung metastases 116 40

Main projects:

  • The analysis of immune microenvironment and exosomes of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and its prognostic and predictive value (2016 - 2020, Head S. Cicėnas).
  • Research of factors, affecting the effectiveness of treatment of women with lung cancer (2013 – 2018, Head A. Krasauskas).
  • The significance of polymorphism of types of oncogenic human papillomavirus and some genes that influence the tumor process to efficiency of therapy of oncological patients (2014 – 2018, Consultant S. Cicėnas).

Annual event:  European Regional Conference on Thoracic Oncology is held every year and, during this Conference, lung cancer diagnostic and treatment news are discussed.

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