The only specialized oncology institution in Lithuania accredited by Organisation of European Cancer Institutes
National Cancer Institute (NCI) – is the only special cancer treatment and research institution in Lithuania, which was established in 1931. In 2014 the Institute of Oncology Vilnius University was renamed into the National Cancer Institute.

THE MISSION OF THE NCI is to carry out international research in the field of oncology and to achieve results, which could improve cancer treatment efficiency and reduce mortality from cancer, to train scientists and highly qualified specialists, to strengthen the  scientific potential and competitiveness of Lithuania in the European Research Area.

• to carry out research studies in Oncology and related fields, to participate in Lithuanian and international research programs;
• to provide a research and education base for scientists and highly qualified specialists preparation in the field of Oncology through cooperation with Vilnius University and other institutions
• to provide a health care
• to provide a specialized cancer diagnostic, treatment and cancer care services

The history of National Cancer Institute began in 1931 year when the first oncological hospital and scientific institute by initiative of professor of Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine K. Pelcaras was founded.

Today National Cancer Institute contains Scientific Research Centre, which main scientific areas are cancer prevention based on epidemiological, clinical and laboratory research, improvement of cancer diagnostics, development and implementation of new treatment methods. Scientific Research Centre of NCI comprises of:
• Biobank
• Laboratory of Cancer Epidemiology
• Biomedical Physics Laboratory with Open-Access Centre
• Laboratory of Molecular Oncology
• Centre for Molecular Diagnostics
• Laboratory of Immunology
• Clinical Oncology Research Centre

Cancer Control and Prevention Centre and population-based cancer registry exists in National Cancer Institute in which the data about registered cancer cases in Lithuania are stored, providing a basis for epidemiological research and  evaluation of the effectiveness of cancer control programmes in the country. From 1993 year it is a member of association of World and Europe Cancer Registries.

In the clinics of National Cancer Institute health care services for oncological patients are provided. Work in clinics is organized according multidisciplinary team principles, the highest level services of oncological surgery, radiation oncology and medical oncology are provided. 185 physicians, 49 scientific workers, 311 nurses are employed. There are more than 120 000 visits in outpatient department, 12 000 patients are treated in the departments of clinics, about 6 000 surgeries are performed per year.

Educational programs for Vilnius University and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences students and residents are created.

National Cancer Institute is the only multidisciplinary cancer centre in Lithuania and one of the few in Eastern Europe whom the accreditation of the Organization of European Cancer Institutes was awarded in 2013 year.
IMG-2552-1-2793Director of NCI
M.D., Ph.D., Feliksas Jankevičius

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