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    The Biobank is an infrastructure for collecting, processing and storing of biological material and associated clinical data largely available to the scientific and industrial community for innovative and modern biomedicine and research



    ▶ Leading high technology infrastructure in Lithuania
    ▶ Biomaterials and associated clinical data used for the national and international scientific needs
    ▶ Integration in international networks and membership

  • Tumors localizations collected during 2012-2013 (total number of patients 543).
  • ▶ solation of nucleic acids from tumor and non-tumor tissues, blood, cell cultures, formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) blocks
    ▶ DNA quantity and quality assessment
    ▶ RNA quantity and quality assessment (RIN identification)
    ▶ Cell isolation, cultivation and cryopreservation
    ▶ Tissues cryopreservation
    ▶ PCR and real-time PCR
    ▶ ELISA

  • "We are working today for the better tomorrow. High technology infrastructures of today will help for wellness of the next generation tomorrow"

  • ▶ Sample input and processing – registration, preparation, aliquotting, storage, retrieval
    ▶ Sample data management
    ▶ Technology development
    ▶ Research
    ▶ Biobanking advice –study planning, legal and ethical compliance

    Biobanko meginys


    Contacting and contracting with National and International partners Participation in National and International research projects (HORIZON 2020 and others) National leader in biobanking activities



    Research and development (R&D) activities for the biobanking and oncological demand:
    ▶ Cryopreservation of various cells and tissues, cryobiology research
    ▶ Genetical research in oncology for cancer prevention, diagnostic and treatment

  • ▶ Creation, testing, development and establishment of standardized operating procedures (SOP) in the activities of Biobank governed by national and international quality management systems
    ▶ Incorporation in the international networks of biobanking
    ▶ Harmonization of quality management systems between biobanks and various networks
    ▶ Continued education to improve technologies for biospecimens preservation and data collection processes
    ▶ Progress in information infrastructure to facilitate data sharing, implementation of new technical solutions for data management and protection of participant privacy and data confidentiality
    ▶ Collaboration of multidisciplinary professionals for improving of the bioethical law according international experience and national needs
    ▶ Trust making between researchers, business partners and society
    ▶ Participation in the scientific projects and programs

  • ▶ Zivile Gudleviciene; MD, PhD – head of the Biobank
    ▶ Kristina Bielskiene; Dr, research fellow
    ▶ Gabrielis Kundrotas; Research fellow (PhD student)
    ▶ Ausra Stumbryte; Geneticist, junior research fellow (PhD student)

    Biobanko meg