The only specialized oncology institution in Lithuania accredited by Organisation of European Cancer Institutes

Laboratory of Immunology

  • ▶ Immunomonitoring in cancer patients
    ▶ Evaluating the role of immune components in cancer treatment
    ▶ Active participation in clinical trials, investigating the application of (chemo)immunotherapy to cancer patients
    ▶ Search for prognostic and predictive molecular and cellular biomarkers for the individualization of specific active tumor immunotherapy

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  • ▶ Multicolour flow cytometry
    ▶ Advanced light microscopy
    ▶ ELISA
    ▶ Generation of fully mature Th1-polarized dendritic cell vaccines from peripheral blood monocytes
    ▶ Cell technologies with primary tumor cultures (mechanisms of immunogenicity and resistance to treatment)
    ▶ Development of new immunological products for cancer treatment
    ▶ Good manufacturing practice (GMP) for production of advanced medical products

  •     "Our dreams of yesterday have become today‘s reality: better understanding of tumor biology and antitumor immunity will help us to create new strategies of tumor treatment"

    Our team is leading in the field of tumor immunology and immunotherapy in Lithuania. We have promising researchers, young enthusiastic PhD students, experienced specialists in cell technologies, immunology, flow cytometry, cell imaging and medical
    biology. We were the first in the Baltic States who started comprehensively investigating therapeutic dendritic cell-based cancer vaccines. Currently we are arranging several clinical trials investigating the next-generation specific active immunotherapy approaches for the treatment of cancer patients.
    Our activities are performed in close collaboration with various clinical departments of the Institute of Oncology, Vilnius University (Department of Oncourology, Department of Oncogynecology, Department of Head and Neck Surgery), as well as with other scientific research laboratories, including Laboratory of Molecular Oncology and Laboratory of Biomedical Physics.

  • ▶ Identification of prognostic and predictive markers of ovarian and breast cancer based on:

    • identification of malignant cells with phenotypical and functional attributes of cancer stem cells
    • evaluation of expression of various multidrug resistance proteins

    ▶ Characterization (immunohistochemical, immunofluorescent, flow cytometric, genetic, functional) of various immunosuppressive components in the tumor microenvironment
    ▶ Molecular characterization and evaluation of immunogenicity and tolerogenicity of therapeutic dendritic cellbased cancer vaccines

  • ▶ Tumor immunology
    ▶ Tumor immunotherapy
    ▶ Immunomonitoring of cancer patients
    ▶ Cellular and molecular biology

    Imunol LSR

  • ▶ Advanced scientific laboratory of tumor immunobiology
    ▶ High-quality diagnostic laboratory for monitoring of immune responses to tumor immunotherapy, validation of immune-related biomarkers for prognosis of a particular cancer, prediction of response to chemoimmunotherapy
    ▶ Leading center of development and implementation of immunotherapeutical strategies for cancer treatment in combination with chemotherapy, targeted therapies, and radiation therapy

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  • ▶ Vita Pasukoniene; Dr. PhD – head of the Laboratory; senior research fellow
    ▶ Marius Strioga; Dr, senior research fellow
    ▶ Adas Darinskas; Dr. research fellow
    ▶ Neringa Dobrovolskiene; research fellow
    ▶ Agata Mlynska; junior research fellow
    ▶ Jan Aleksander Krasko; junior research fellow
    ▶ Karolina Zilionyte; junior research fellow

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