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Laboratory of Cancer Epidemiology

  • ▶ To carry out high-quality, well-planned analytical epidemiological studies and to contribute to the evaluation of environmental and genetic risk factors of human cancer
    ▶ To carry out descriptive epidemiological studies. To analyse the distribution of cancer risk factors in the population
    ▶ To carry out clinical and molecular epidemiology studies and to use specific biomarkers of exposure, susceptibility and disease progression in studying cancer etiology, susceptibility and prognosis
    ▶ To participate in educational and training programmes

  • ▶ The Group focuses mainly on the epidemiological studies based on Lithuanian Cancer Registry data
    ▶ Contributes clinical research conducted at the Institute
    ▶ Provides research-based knowledge on cancer etiology, prognosis and prevention, proposes preventive measures for reducing cancer incidence

      • ▶ Descriptive epidemiological studies (analysis of cancer incidence, mortality, survival)
        ▶ Analytical epidemiological studies;
        ▶ Clinical epidemiology studies, aiming to identify biological and clinical prognostic factors for cancer
        ▶ Molecular epidemiology studies, using biomarkers of exposure, susceptibility and disease progression

      • ▶ Giedre Smailyte; Dr. MD – head of the Laboratory; chief researcher
        ▶ Donatas Stakisaitis; Dr. MD. chief research fellow 
        ▶ Birutė Kazbariene; Dr. MD. senior research fellow
        ▶ Rūta Petrauskaitė Everatt; Dr. MD. senior research fellow 
        ▶ Irena Kuzmickiene; Dr. MD. senior research fellow
        ▶ Vitalija Samerdokiene; Dr. PhD. research fellow 
        ▶ Augustė Kačėnienė; junior research fellow
        ▶ Laura Steponaviciene; junior research fellow
        ▶ Ausvydas Patasius; junior research fellow
        ▶ Ieva Vincerževskienė; junior research fellow