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Open-Access Centre of Biomedical Physics Laboratory

  • ▶ OAC of Biomedical Physics Laboratory as an open access infrastructure for research, new technology development in oncology offers a wide range of nanoanalytical bioimaging services, facilities and training of scientists from academic institutions and industry

  • Biomedical physcs laboratory equipped with cutting edge instrumentation, the OAC of Biomedical physics laboratory is open to all national and international researchers and industry.
    Open access services today:
    ▶ Colloidal nanoparticles synthesis
    ▶ Surface modification of nanoparticles
    ▶ Surface functionalization of nanoparticles with bioactive molecules
    ▶ Optical characterization and evaluation of biomolecules, organic dyes and nanoparticles (UV-VIS/NIR spectral region)
    ▶ Biomolecules and nanoparticles size and zeta potential detection and analysis
    ▶ Imaging of fluorescent proteins, nanoparticles, fluorophores intracellular localization by using three–dimensional living cells visualization system with fluorescence lifetime imaging
    ▶ Distribution, pharmacokinetics and monitoring of photosensitizers and nanoparticles in experimental animals
    ▶ Analysis and imaging of nanoparticles and fluorescent dyes distribution in biological tissues
    ▶ Care, monitoring and manipulation of experimental animal

      • ▶ The vision of OAC is to become an internationally recognized scientific research centre pursuing long-term competitive fundamental and experimental development research into tumour diagnostic and therapy by applying nanotechnologies

          • ▶ Synthesis set-up for colloidal nanoparticle fabrication and surface modification
            ▶ Biomolecules and nanoparticles size analyzer /characterization system
            ▶ Spectroscopy equipment for characterization of optical properties of biomolecules and nanoparticles
            ▶ Three–dimensional living cells visualization system with fluorescence lifetime imaging
            ▶ Optical biopsy system for experimental animal care and monitoring